Josh Lewis

I am a born and raised Montanan with a great appreciation for nature and freedom. Though I have spent time in many different areas and cities I always find my way home. I couldn't imagine a reality where the majestic peaks of Glacier aren't in my back yard. I doubt I will ever leave again.

Our Approach

Our Story

Josh Lewis Photography

I started with digital photography a couple years ago because I needed a filler class in my web design class schedule. I always liked taking pictures and I thought it sounded fun. It's funny how life works sometimes!

Designing for the Web

I am currently enrolled in Flathead Valley Community College in the Web Tech program. I am learning databases and SQL right now to add that to my portfolio. I have already taken the classes offered to build very solid sites for the least amount of money.

My overall goal is to be the guy who can provide the site, the photography, the image editing and optimization, the database and will be able to write all the content. I know this is a lot to work toward as this is usually the job of many separate people.

Mission Statement:

Provide beauty and function to everyone regardless of budget.

What I'm Working With (real images coming soon):

I'm sure there are plenty of photographers out there with tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars in equipment. But what are their rates? How much does it cost to even talk to them about a project? My goal is to keep my overhead down and pass that price point onto the customer.


Canon EOS Series Cameras

I have a XS (T1), T6, and an ELAN II (35mm film) camera.

Though there are plenty of better cameras out there these old workhorses will do the job, I promise you that.


Studio Equipment

These are my portrait kit, infinity box, and lights.

The box is very handy to shoot macros of small items because it's portable. The LED spotlight works great for a little extra illumination.


Lenses and Filters

The stock 18x35, two 100x300 Teles, and my goto fixed 50mm.

I have  all sorts of filters like UV and polarizers as well as a full set of macro filters for each of my lenses .


Computer and Scanner

I use a PC laptop and an Epson 12800dpi scanner.

My laptop makes a great little portable digital darkroom. I have all the imagine software I need as well as the know how to run it.


Digital Editing Software

I use Lightroom, Elements, and of coarse Photoshop.

I have found that there is no best program for editing digital images. What works great in Photoshop my not do so well in Lightroom. A combination of all of them works best for me.


Knowledge and Training

Flathead Valley Community College has been invaluable.

What I lack in equipment I make up for in experience. It's not the camera that takes the picture... it's the photographer. It's not the program that edits the image.

If you are interested in my work or sevices please contact me

You can check out my work on Instagram and Facebook or just keep perusing my site (that I built from scratch) 😀