Photo Shoots

I can photograph your event, portrait and item anywhere or at any time you would like. I have a portable infinity box, lights and portrait studio available for all your photo shoot needs.

Web Design and Image Optimization

I can site design anything you need but I specialize in WordPress and setting up sites that the user can take over and manage themselves. I can also digitally edit images so they will work perfectly on the web. Check out Josh Lewis Designs for more info.

Archival Restoration

Whether you have old photographs, film or slides I can scan and repair those images. I like a challenge and you would not believe what can be salvaged.

Photography and Editing Consulting

I work as a TA in the photography program at FVCC so I am very well rounded in helping people understanding their cameras and editing their images. I've taken Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, and many other very useful classes.

Beside the site you are visiting right now these are some of the other Web Sites I've collaborated on and/or designed 

Granite Peak Stoneworks

This is one of the first sights I built from scratch. It is a WordPress site using Divi.

Chris Holguin Photography

Chris needed a site but wanted to get set up to manage it himself. Again WordPress with Divi was the answer.

New Libertarians

I collaborated on this site. This is my dads flagship site so he is the one who did most of the work.

If you are interested in my work or services please contact me

You can check out my work on Instagram and Facebook or just keep perusing my site (that I built from scratch) 😀