My favorite way to shoot landscapes


Image size is always a struggle when your camera only shoots 18x24 max size. So I developed this technique of shooting High Dynamic Range Panoramas. Some of these will blow up to 40x60. The results are stunning.

I love black and white photography


I started converting my color digital shots into black and white in Photoshop. Then I got a Canon ELAN II and fell in love with B&W film. It's amazing I can blow up the negatives way bigger than any digital image by scanning it at 12800dpi.

These are super up close shots called macros


These are actually anywhere between 6 to 32 shots with slightly different focus points merged together. It is a real struggle to get everything in focus in extremely up close photography. The solution is to take many shot and put them all together into these...

I can create just about any image you can dream of

Digital Editing

There are many images out there that just won't work for your project. You will think: "if it were a little different color, size, shape or hue it would work..." I can help you out with all of those problems and much much more.

Getting good images of your home, business or property is important for many reasons


It may just be nostalgia or a need to show your kids' kids' kids' the house you grew up in. Documenting your property is something everyone can appreciate whether it's for insurance purposes or before and after construction images.

Restoring old images is very rewarding to me


A close friend of mine had some prints that were in pretty bad shape but he was emotionally attached to them. They were scanned and I got to work on them. I'm really happy to have had the experience and the ability to add this skill to my portfolio.

Traveling for events is great!


I really don't mind jumping in my car and heading out on an adventure, it doesn't matter if it's your kids science fair or a speech by the president of the United States.

Portraits are super fun to photograph because its a challenge to get those really great shots


I think kids are the funnest to photograph but that's up for debate. I have a nice portable studio with lights, backdrops and the whole nine yards.

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